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Studio Friso - YER Fan


designed by: Studio Friso
what is it: a floor fan - it is constructed of aluminum cooling fins
via: [mocoloco]



  1. "Cooling fins"? Clearly someone doesn't understand the science behind cooling. Just blowing a fan over fins won't cool the air any more than a regular fan. It would work if there were something else cooling the aluminum, but there's not.

    1. The fins aren't meant to cool the air. The fins are to cool the fan motor.

  2. yes, great design, but please say, "meant to resemble cooling fins" or something else in that form. It does resemble the structure seen on lightbulbs or other heat sink products, but its purely structural and won't provide more cooling.

  3. The form is great.
    -The heat sink doesnt make sense, fan motors dont need something like that.
    -Plastic will be just fine.
    -And decrease the size. Fans do not have to be that big and floor mounted. This thing is a desk fan. Unless everyone is gonna sleep of futons.
    -Put a stand under it with the same design and you have your floor version.